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Thank you for helping put the Witch Test through its paces.

What is a Witch Test?

A witch test is designed to help filter out demonically obsessed website visitors who seek to attack and disrupt the good, the beautiful, and the true. Such visitors find it difficult or even impossible to acknowledge Christ and his resurrection by God.

This site's automated version of the test is meant to expedite the banishment of witches.

WitchTest.com is a work in progress.

History of the Witch Test

WitchTest.com came about after watching disruptive cowards interfere in blog comment areas and in online social networks. The system demonstrated on this site is meant to let such adversaries identify themselves before they can infiltrate.

The idea of a witch test was developed and practiced by Brian Niemeier, as chronicled on his blog, Kairos. Here are some relevant articles about the experience and effectiveness of applying the witch test:

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WitchTest.com admires his witch detection and control research, but is not associated with Mr. Niemeier.